Chef's Choice M130 Electric Knife Sharpener

Exceptional CHEF’s choice 130 Specialist Sharpening Station is manufacture through a special mix of electric powered and handbook sharpening engineering. This is developing with various advanced method and straight edge blades.

These blades have double leveled ends so it will provide double edging facilities for faster work and output.

This also includes facilities of the European cooking along with doing some fishing and pocket blades.

It has different sharpening levels. Main initial level and next available levels are electric powered. Its next level is periodical handbook.

Now let us look at the period’s characteristics. Its diverse conical hard drives stay and stuck with each other, following its core.

This unique design makes it top quality, including heavy duty.

Chef's Choice 130 Professional Sharpening Station

Initial sharpening period gets hard drive along with coarsest determination even though following period features adaptable hard drive. This technology provides a one-step better facility to its consumers.

Following period features little butcher metallic design. It is also covered with stone strong metallic solid, which capable of developing each knife more than a cutting blade.

Every single sharpening slot is making with spring-loaded blade, which keeps the particular peace in perfect shape and size. This excellent machine follows 20° perspective for each part perfectly.

Important Characteristics

A form of Sharpener:

The particular Chef's Choice® M130 can be an electric powered blade sharpener that features 1 handbook period.


The particular M130 actions 12 ¼" times 6 ¼" times 6 ½" (D times T times L).


All the 3 sharpening levels characteristic 100% stone sprayed conical hard drives offering different numbers of damaging the teeth.


Wonderful M130 uses an original mix of electrical powered which has handbook engineering. It delivers particular velocity and capability of electric powered sharpening. It can handle multiple numbers of handbook strategies together.

It has all 3 sharpening video poker machines which has elastomeric blade, these blades can be manually control. These blades can be manually programmed to be able to 40° sided.This type of particular knife ends by using correctly and without any mistakes.


As you can view from the image, the particular M130 provides 3 specific sharpening levels, and you may utilize the video poker machines in numerous mixtures according to the slicing will need.

Period 1 will be electric powered and also characteristics one of the coarsest diamond-coated hard drives.

Stages of Chef's choice 130 Knife Sharpener

That increases any burr because it in a hostile manner styles and also sharpens the particular blade to generate the very first bevel side.

Period a couple of will be handbook and also comes with a tiny butcher's metallic made out of diamond-coated large carbon dioxide blend.

That steals the particular knife-edge and also generates small well-defined serrations offering the particular "butcher's bite" desired regarding slicing meats and also greatly fibrous foods.

Period 3 will be electric powered and also comes with an adaptable hard drive using a better determination with the stone coarse.

That stops/polishes and also straightens the particular knife to generate the second bevel side necessary for trouble-free reducing.

Additionally, it is utilized to develop serrated blades without mincing apart the particular serration.

The variety of Passes:

Interesting matters sometimes has something uninteresting. In the beginning, it looks like a little bit uneasy. The particular type of 3 level of work is just needed to complete the knife.

These knives are able to complete recondition able. All you need is that, Chef’s selection orders and extend the orders for using these excellent knives. Completing these knives will strongly recommend that, you must follow all 3 levels, by maintaining serials.

Basic safety Features:

In buy to guard the hands against your turning hard drives in the course of functioning, almost all 3 with the blade information video poker machines were created using a plastic-type protect.

Forms of Knives:

The M130 can easily develop many different serrated and also straight-edge blades (using a twice bevel side) which include cooking area, looking, doing some fishing and also pants pocket blades.

Together with 20° pre-programmed sides, the particular M130 is best suited regarding Euro cooking area blades, nevertheless, the Chef's Choice® internet site furthermore promises that can be used that to be able to develop Cookware type blades (15° perspective).

The particular sharpener will simply re-profile the Cookware blades undertake a 20° side that they are certainly not automatically made for yet many residence cooks probably won't be able to see any real variation inside the knife's efficiency.


The M130 comes in 5 diverse coatings which include African American, white-colored, covered metallic, environmentally friendly and also platinum.

Who and When Need It Most:

It is extremely needed for specialist chefs. It is rather quick and easy approach to do business with that. Alternatively, In case you are a housewife, it takes many once you organize virtually any program in your own home.

That time you'll find quickly the most effective result from it.The particular Chef’s Selection 130 can be a must-have inside the cooking area whether or not you might be a specialist chief cook or perhaps one among individuals which want to get ready food items.

Stick to the particular handbook and also almost everything should go easily.Time and energy to point out SIMPLY NO to be able to time-consuming standard blade sharpening approach in the home!



  • Special engineering in which includes handbook and also electric powered sharpening strategies.
  • Blade manuals together with 20° pre-programmed sides are usually elastomeric (spring-loaded) compared to. Permanent magnet.
  • Adaptable sharpener that will also develop serrated blades.
  • Employs good quality stone sprayed coarse hard drives.
  • Handbook steeling period gives increased accurate and also handle.
  • Quickly, foolproof sharpening.
  • Comparatively pricey
  • Not necessarily specifically made regarding Cookware blades (15° perspective).
  • Is lacking in hostile pre-sharpening period built to eliminate notches.

Shall we experience analyze in a Recipient

I will be a great Exec Chief cook and possess worked well in the cooking area regarding above twenty-five decades. My partner and I obtained this kind of sharpener of a calendar month in the past therefore significantly I will be extremely pleased.

In the event you see the handbook, it is extremely user friendly. My partner and I have been initially focused on using a lot of metallic away from my own knives. So long as you will not above utilize the initial period in which really should not be a challenge.

That set an excellent side about my own blades efficiently. We have any 10 " wusthof which is my own principal cooking area blade. My partner and I set a benefit about it together with period 1 more than a calendar month in the past and possesses remained extremely well-defined given that.

Almost all you should do will be work that by means of period a couple of (which usually can be like any metallic) each when it retains it really is sharpness. Up to now I will be extremely pleased.

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  1. I also use it in my kitchen. Awesome sharpening with a short time. Hone, Steel and Strop your 20 degree class blades like a PRO with the Chef’sChoice® Model 130 expert honing station.

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