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Work life can be hectic if you are a mom. Long meetings, tight project deadlines, and important presentations are vital and need time. 

Focusing on the family becomes nearly impossible due to unending work pressure. If you have kids, you need to manage multiple chores. 

Meal planning can make life a lot easier for you and your family. Luckily, some smart hacks can help you to cook without any hurdle. Read the article to know more about the ones you can try right now.

Create a weekly schedule 

Being a working mom, managing both personal and professional chores can become a tedious job. But, worry not as there is a great solution for it.

Start maintaining a weekly meal schedule for your family. Sit with them and fix a schedule that works for everyone and matches your office timings.

Plan some fast meal options that can save time. You will not need to struggle with menus every morning and evening, and it will save a lot of time. 

Organize your shopping list

Well, now you know that creating a weekly meal schedule can be so convenient. It will help you in organizing your shopping list as well.

You will save a lot of time exploring every section in the store to find out the items you need. Organize the list according to the days so that searching for the desired item does not confuse you.

Once you begin to spend 30 minutes on the weekly schedule, it will become easier to pick items while shopping.

Minimize your prep time 

A lot of time goes into preparing meals for the family. But, now you can minimize that time by keeping your veggies ready to use.

Cut and chop on the weekends so that weekday cooking takes less time. You can start using storage containers to stock those veggies.

It will become easier for you to use fresh vegetables whenever you want. Storing the vegetables will make it easy to check what is available to use the next day at lunch too.

Ensure to keep transparent containers. 

Stock up on frozen meals

Some days are long and tiring, and you may not feel like cooking a lavish meal when you are home. Fortunately, frozen meals can be your saviors.

When you have frozen and healthy Hot Dogs available at home, there can be no problem.

You can store them in the freezer and use them as per your schedule. Frozen food is everyone’s favorite as it is convenient to open the freezer and choose the desired food item whenever required.

All in all, ready-to-eat frozen meals can provide you convenience and flexibility. 

Always cook extra

Cooking extra will help you save time and energy. In your busy schedules, the best you can do is to cook extra.

If you are three members of the family, cook a recipe that can feed six. You can cook vegetables to use in different preparations.


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                                 Ella Olsson from Pexels

You can also make a versatile sauce that you can use in several recipes. When you are taking time out to cook food, it will always take up less time to make a little extra. 

Use leftovers smartly

Using leftovers smartly can be beneficial in many ways. They save time and money, and you can be creative with recipes.

If you are not planning to use the pasta again the next night, store it in the freezer.

Freezing the leftovers can be helpful to use again after 1-2 days. You can store and freeze the portions by covering them in aluminum foil.

The uneaten leftover wrapped food can be handy. So, worry not as managing your last-hour meetings can be easier now. 

Invest in high-quality storage containers

Investing in some high-quality storage containers can be helpful. You can pick glass or plastic container options as it is also important to see what food item is stored inside.

These containers can make a big difference in your kitchen. They keep your food fresher for longer.

They reduce waste and keep the leftovers fresh and tasty. You can find good-quality containers in any hypermarket near you.

Limit your cooking to 30 minutes

You can limit your cooking time to 30 minutes. The best example of this is a rice cooker. Rice cookers are available easily in the market, and you can pick one for yourself.

Mommies are using it to save time and effort. You can also buy one to cook tempting rice for your family.

You need to add water and rice and set the timing to 30 minutes, and there you go. You can then switch off the cooker and keep the rice warm for as long as you want.

Keep a check on the stocks

You must keep reviewing the stock you have in the kitchen. This activity will save time and trips to the stores. You can stock up on bread, eggs, and instant foods if you are busy.

They are easy meal fixes and can help you finish up your chores on time. Maintain a diary and note down everything in that as this can help you memorize the same later.

Sticky notes for the kitchen are also helpful to note down important points.

Invest in some time-saving tools

Being a busy mom can bring a lot of planning and organizing. While doing so, add a point to buy some effective and time-saving tools for your kitchen.

Do not use a knife for cutting veggies. Use a chopper, grater, and slicer.

These innovative yet helpful tools will help you cook faster and with ease. It will not make a big difference to invest some dollars in buying these amazing tools, but they can keep you ahead of time. 

The main goal here is to save your time and energy. Being a busy mom is not an easy task to handle. But, if you are smart enough, then managing both home and office chores can never be tough.

Follow these hacks and keep your tasks going at a smoother pace.

You can refer to a few blogs and channels to get some more creative ideas too. Happy cooking!

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