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Water is one of the things we use daily all our lives. Probably you will not find any articles, discussing health topics without mentioning that the role of water is extremely important for the human body.

Maybe one may say that it is necessary to drink at least 1 liter per day, another would stand for 2 liters and the third opinion would say that the amount of water should be calculated depending on body mass index.

It is a matter of choice. Yet you will not find anyone who would say that you do not have to drink any water.  As our body is 80 percent water, nobody doubts about its’ necessity. 

Even though you may hardly find a discussion about the necessity of water for the human body, you may find one debating whether tap or distilled water is better to use, very easily.

Sceptics, who do not see differences between those two, quickly ascertain the amount of extra mineral in tap water when decide to use tap water for ironing.

The results are already visible just after a few ironings as the irons get calcified. Therefore, you can only imagine what kind of water most of us are used to drink.


Distilled water can be used in:

#1.   Drinking. Pure water does not contain chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fluoride, chlorine, mercury, nitrates, rust, salt, lead and other toxic parts which can be found in tap water. Drinking distilled water would improve your immune system and reduce the risk of such waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera, hepatitis etc.

By the way, you may find more information about drinking distilled water in Water On Top. There you will find articles as well as various recommendations about the use of purified water. 


#2.    Cooking. The benefits of using purified water have also been noticed in cooking. First of all, using such water you will avoid discoloration in vegetables. Secondly, you will be sure not to have introduced any contaminants into the products or vegetables. 


#3.    Making beverages. As distilled water does not have taste or smell, the drink you make will taste much more naturally. Improvement of taste is the most noticeable when preparing natural concentrated juice and especially appreciated by picky coffee and tea lovers.

What is more, such coffee lacks unnatural bitterness which you may taste when using tap water.


#4.    Canning process. The advantages of the use of distilled water in canning are absolutely the same as mentioned in cooking as well as making beverages graphs above. Fruits and vegetables canned using purified water will have a much richer taste and retain natural colour.

Such fruits can later be used to decorate cakes not just for use in porridges or fillings.


#5.    Reconstituting of dried fruits. It is significant to soak dried fruits before consumption as it facilitates digestion and absorption of good substances It was observed that dehydrated food is absorpting distilled water better than tap water.

If it lets you enjoy dried fruits quickly, retains their colour and ensures good taste, why wouldn’t to choose it? 


#6.     Making ice cubes. The composition of the water is also perfectly visible even after freezing. Probably more than once you have seen transparent blocks of ice from which sculptors use to make various sculptures. Have you ever wondered why are they so clear? That is because of the distilled water.

Such an experiment can be done when freezing the ice cubes. I am sure, once you will see the difference, you will never want to go back to tap water ice cubes again! 


#7.    Home use. Everyone will easily notice the difference, especially when cleaning glossy or mirror surfaces in the kitchen – distilled water does not leave any cleaning marks as tap water does.

After cleaning using the tap water you may seem some stripes and other marks that are difficult to clean. It is nothing more than minerals and other additional components of tap water which you will not find in distilled water.

It should be noted that due to its characteristics, distilled water is also used for medical purposes. For example, in sterilization, wounds’ washing to prevent unwanted infections.

Distilled water is also often used by dentists for the same purposes as well. 


Final words

As you can see, distilled water can be your friend in a kitchen for various reasons. You just have to know how to use it and you’ll get the benefits that it provides. Keep learning and you will discover even more great things about this type of purified water or any other one like reverse osmosis. We encourage you to read one article a day about drinking water and make your life healthier in this simple way.

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