REG-BH-83, Handmade Damascus Steel 13.60 Inches Bowie Knife - Colored Bone & Buffalo Horn Handle with Damascus Steel Guard

If you chase animals intending to slaughter them for food, you know why it is necessary to dress your meat after a kill for the right taste and for it to stay in good condition without going bad fast.

This gets well when you have the right knife, and that is why a skinning knife, which usually contains a sharp edge, is crucial.


What is a skinning knife used for?

 It is mainly used by hunters and butchers to skin and slaughter animals for food.

It can separate the animal skin from the soft tissue, precisely leaving zero accidental damages and giving you the right hide that can be of a benefit to you in making beautiful footwear, leather, or even sell to industries and acquire money in return.


Where can I get a skinning knife in wow?

For you to get one, look for somebody who sells them and request one, then he will sell it to you.                      

What are the types of skinning knives?

Generally, these knives come in the form of folding and fixed blade skinning knives, which can either be spear, drop, or clip pointed.

The folding blade skinning knife is usually permanent in that you cannot interfere or alter the blade, while for the fixed one, you can easily fold.

However, you should note that both the fixed one is stronger for hard tasks and easy to clean; on the other hand, the folding one is easier and safe to carry.

Therefore the choice depends entirely on your preference.

  • Spear pointed ones usually exhibit symmetry and contain two cutting edges, preferable if you want to cut hides in not just a rising arrangement but in a sliding point as well.


  • For the drop pointed, you will find their cutting part curved downwards towards the sharp end to offer a full cutting surface and prevent causing holes on the tissues in the animal’s belly.


  • The clip points typically contain a vertical spine that proceeds to the length of the cutting edge to create a rounded curvature that exceeds to the pointed end; this is the reason why they give a large chopping area.


What knives do you use to skin a deer?

The right skinning knife for a deer is the one whose blade is sharp for precise cuts, and by which you will not have to waste a lot of time sharpening in the field.

One that contains a design that is appropriate for the deer hides, which are loosely attached to their muscle tissues to skin the prey correctly as well as a handle that can give you a complete holding action without slipping even when it catches blood.


What is the best skinning knife?

To answer this, check for the following qualities in your knife to make the right choice:

  • The blade type: Do you prefer a fixed or a folding blade, this depends on what you love. Choose the one that will give you the passion for using and attracting your eyes.

You may also purchase both blades if you can afford that and use the fixed one to remove the animal skin as you complete your slaughter on the soft tissue with the folding one.


  • The Handle: It should be ergonomic and comfortable on your hands. It should never fall out of your hands as this can cause you injuries.

Not only does a good grip save your hands painful swellings, but it also helps your skin accurately in a short time.

For this type, you can consider one that has a full tang.


  • The blade design: This is a vital feature for this tool, which you should not overlook because it affects the end results.

Choose the one made from hard steel or stainless steel with high carbon, which will maintain its quality and not force you to sharpen it at a critical time.

The length should be in line with the prey size.


  • The ability to cut: Come to imagine waking up to go hunting, you would not want to bother taking a sharpener along.

Then you get beautiful prey, and after the kill, you cannot wait to make your delicious meal.

Then you find a spot to dress the meat only to realize you got a dull knife.

So you carry your flesh undressed, which later compromises the original delicacy: Why don’t you save yourself all this frustration by purchasing a razor-sharp skinner knife whose sharpness will last?


  • The durability: If you realize that a knife will not serve you long, you will not bother spending your coin on it. However, it is hard to determine the durability of starring at a tool.

This calls for research before you step in the market place.

Take advantage of the internet and look for the right quality knives and what consumers say, then you can purchase the durable one.


  • The cost: You will always have needs, and you will need to budget well for you to meet each of them appropriately.

You cannot spend your entire salary to get a skinning knife, at the same time; you cannot afford to buy a cheap one only to return to the shop for another one after some weeks because you spend little cash to acquire a poor quality tool.

Therefore, plan well as you consider your budget without compromising the quality.

You should note the point that one characteristic of a good skinning knife is that it serves you for long. However, this ability contains its rule.

Maintenance affects the durability; you must clean it often, and especially for the folding one, you should oil its movable sections to retain its effectiveness and counteract rusting.

If the knife is dull, you will have to apply more force in use which may cause breakage, therefore do not hesitate to sharpen.


In conclusion, you must have realized that this is the right hunting knife. If you are a hunter, purchase one.

There are many knives out there, but this is absolutely the best for this purpose not to just save your time but to also keep your animal organs intact, get smooth cuts, and acquire some leather.

After the use, do not leave the knife in the same state with blood all over the blade, consider cleaning it immediately and store up dry.

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