“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw

A number of people love to visit new restaurants to check the standard and taste of dishes. Therefore, establishing the image of your bistro and its growth should be essential to enjoy the larger share of the pie.

None of any hotel wants to lose a single customer but maintaining the standards, quality, and taste is not a piece of cake.

The dining table is the ground to play with the old as well as the new customers. If you serve nicely and impress your client, you win; otherwise, you sink.

Entering the battlefield and showing the performance is a secondary challenge. The primary challenge is to bring the potential client into your restaurant. Here are some of the tactics to get step foot in.

1) Analyze Your Customer Interest

The real asset of the food industry is solely the customer. Hence, it is important to aware of the type of client you are targeting. Without knowing about them, no one could present the ideal experience to any consumer.

Taste, hygiene, serving, presentation, and place are some of the points included in “consumer interest.” For example, do you ever think of offering Salmon Roe in the area where people don’t like it? Of course, no one plays the blind card. However, the people of North America love it.

The best practice is to visit nearby places and talk to different local citizens. Involve in discussion at the targeted region to narrow down and analyze the targeted audience’s interest.

2) Take Mouth-Watering Photos of Food

There are two ways when a customer gives a try to a particular dish in your dining place:

  1. a) You show the photograph of foodstuff and his mouth filled with water. Hence, the hunger will be doubled-up after seeing it.
  2. b) Someone refers to a specific meal to the client, and they arrived to your restaurant to have a try.

The first one generates a feel of personalization. The guy who viewed the image of food develops the interest due to personal thoughts.

However, the second recommendation is full of doubt. That’s the reason experienced entrepreneurs always recommend investing in photography.

Even you can capture a beautiful photograph through the iPhone of the dish and preparing an exciting banner for your consumers.

3) Create a Highly-Functional Website

Every business that needs to become a brand requires its existence in the internet world. I spent significant time to search such brands that exist in the world but have no site. I learned that there is NO BRAND WITHOUT A WEBSITE.



Likewise, you should establish a website that at least shows the basic details of your restaurant. The information includes:

  • Time to visit
  • Contact number
  • Branches and their location
  • The basic information of executive
  • Your focus or target
  • Foods available in your bistro including specialty
  • Deals – Short-term or through-out the year available offers

Keep in mind that your website must be attractive and full of pictures. The food industry focuses on presentation more than reading.

4) Start Blogging About Your Restaurant

Blogging is something that attracts the educated generation. They spend their free time reading stuff. Therefore, blogging plays a significant role for food lovers. You can include different type of articles:

  • Recipe
  • History of a dish
  • Various serving manners
  • Food-related cultures
  • Effectiveness of seasonal dishes

You can buy assignment from the assigned person who is responsible for visiting your dining area and generates an attractive write-up for your blog.

Then you can post the links of the blog posts over your social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Google loves content; thus, your website improves its position in the view of search engines. This will attract new restaurant seekers as well as helpful for existing customers.

5) Social Media & Various Forums

Our daily routines are influenced by social media. Any news spread like wildfire due to enough engagement over social forums. There are three types of stuff uploaded over these forums:

  • 27% – Written content
  • 26% – Videos
  • 24% – Images
  • 23% – GIFs, documents, sheets, other stuff

Moreover, 57 percent of social media is covered with material related to food and beverages.

Usually, in the restaurant industry, mostly social activists use Instagram, which is the biggest forum. However, FB, Snapchat, and Pinterest are also effective mediums.

6) Mobile App Is Essential

We are living in an era where innovation surrounds us. We are using various technologies in our daily life. Mobile and its use is getting common in civilized regions.

Therefore, several corporations create a mobile app for their consumers. In fact, most people love to shop through smartphones. It is one of the most forgotten expenses in the food industry.

7) Quick Response To Every Online Query

By nature, every client wishes to get a fast response of the query. If a guy placed the order through an online app or website, he/she is expecting to receive an immediate call within 5 minutes.

Keep in mind that the reply of any complain or query could be delayed within 24 hours, but not for an order. “Hurry-up! our dinners are hungry.”

Said the chef of an animated movie Ratatouille, released in the year 2007. The person who placed the order is hungry; hence, expecting the order confirmation within 15 minutes.

8) Host Any Event At Your Restaurant

Restaurants get booked for numerous festivals, occasions, and events. Sometimes, a large organization and sometimes big personality hire a hotel for their important event.

Other than earning a significant amount, such bistro also gets fame due to its services, location, offered dishes, and performance of making a successful event. The popularity will be achieved in two ways:

  1. The guest talks about your restaurant in front of other people, such as friends & family, office colleagues, and social circles.
  2. The newspaper and magazine reports about the whole occasion in their paper, including the name of your hotel.

9) Deals Attract The Potential Clients

Deals, discounts, and free offers attract middle-class consumers. According to recent statistics:

Most of the American citizens wait for Black Friday & Christmas sales.

They are approximately 86 percent. The same report showed that about US dollar 87 billion will going to be spent till the end of 2019 on these discounted offers.

The same applied to the food industry as well. You have to think about it and structure a unique type of deal that attracts the deal seekers.

10) Star-Rating & Reviews

In the digital world, internet users post good and bad comments over the online forum.

Indeed, people check the reviews and star-rating before giving a try to any service or product. Thus, request the regular clients to publish kind words about your restaurant, services, taste, or meal quality.

11) Follow Up

It is a best practice to call the new customer who visited your dining area last weekend. Take the review, comments, and suggestions. This habit is also effective for regular clients.

Either call them or sit with them when they arrived in your hotel and inquire about the most critical matters. Take their recommendations and improvement feedback.



12) Email Marketing Is Popular Today

Nowadays, email marketing is the most useful tactic for approaching potential clients. Plan to dispatch a few emails daily and track them.

You must have kept an analytical view of this process. If you are not strong in it, hire such a guy who can generate reports.

Keep in mind that the email is not only to promote your existing or new product but also can conduct a survey through emails. This report will show you the statistics that what people think about your restaurant.


Happiness appears when the stomach gets happy. Taste is the first criteria, but other points are also essential to ensure. Appealing presentation of food, fast serving, table setting, and hygiene satisfaction are some of the skills you need to train your staff.

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