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Motivation is the key factor to continuing the struggle for achieving success. Not only getting succeeded but also to maintain the position or blessings.

Every human requires encouragement. There is no difference if you are working for the goal of another person or need success with a coffee shop. Employees need motivation frequently.

Additionally, the organization wishes to keep their talented employees motivated and retain them in the industry.

Some methods of motivation are common for every company, and some vary depending upon the industry type. So, what are the encouraging factors for employees working in the food industries?

10 Tips to Motivate Employee

Here are some effective methods to enhance the motive of your employees. Boosting their morals will encourage showing enthusiasm in daily routine tasks.

1. Annual Appraisal

The most fundamental demand of every staff member is the wages on which he/she was hired regardless of weekly, monthly, or contract-based. After completing a year, each worker assumes that he/she has shown the performance and eligible for the increment. If you, as a manager, won’t allow the appraisal, you will lose a talented member of your team.

2. Extra Benefits

Numerous firms announce incentives other than the salary. Some organizations do afford several benefits.

Medical insurance, half-yearly or yearly bonuses, traveling expenses, house loans, educational allowances, etc. are some of the examples.

The purpose for granting a number of extra advantages is to hire and retain talented people within the corporation.

On the other hand, job seekers try to get an appointment with such a company. So, the additional profits keep your staff motivated.

3. Leadership Chances

Every individual wishes to lead a team and enjoy the leadership. Some guys have to work hard and wait for that time to come into their lives. However, some others are lucky enough to achieve such a position before expectation.

The vice versa situation will be worse if an employee notices that someone has joined the group later and get such an advantage so quickly. Such an employee disheartens and resigned from the job.

4. Vacations Or Break

“The vacation we often need is freedom from our mind.” – Jack Adam Weber

Everyone needs a break. Few rude managers assume that when there is a less crowd of customers in the hotel, the employee gets a break.

However, the weekend is not considered as a break, although Sundays can boost little energy and motivation in the tired man.

That’s why most of the companies grant casual leaves other than sick leaves. Hence, employees get peace of mind.

“Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?” – Zig Ziglar

5. Conduct Healthy Competitions

Competition boosts energy to run faster as compared to regular speed. Furthermore, a contest is also a chance to show the skill to others and get appreciation.

Therefore, an expert supervisor plans a healthy competition among a group of team members, although the reward system could have few variations. For example:

a) Once a team-lead announces that whoever meets a monthly target like convincing 50 unique customers to order a new dish, they will get a gift of star lord jacket. If more than a single guy can able to achieve the target, all of them would get that gift.

b) Another time, you announce a daily reward of $10 for the one who books maximum orders with complete client satisfaction. So, only one employee could be lucky.

6. Friendly Culture

Culture plays a vital role in working ability. When each worker feels relaxed with the other one, the productivity gets increased. Such an atmosphere not only enhances the tolerance level but also turned them a great helping hand for other team members. Otherwise, severe consequences will appear. The result would be against the image of your restaurant.

7. Training Opportunity

Every group prefers to hire experienced people. However, you might not get what you desire. It means that you may employ an educated yet fresh candidate. Such labor needs basic training like:

  • How to greet the customer?
  • Which item should be kept on the table first?
  • How to serve the utensils on the dining table?
  • What action does a waiter have to take if the meal will be delayed from the expected duration?

Training is not meant to be taught to the new worker. It also concerned about upgrading the skills of already trained teammates. For example, tricks to remain clean and hygiene-centered while serving the customers, or how to deal with customers best to get a tip.

8. Surprise Birthday Celebration

Several people celebrate their wedding anniversary, birthday celebration, or valentine at a different restaurant. Hotels host various events and festivals as well. During hosting, every team member works hard and let others enjoy that occasion.

Have you ever thought that they might be expecting the same to have something for them as well? It is one of the unique methods to motivate an employee. Biodata of each labor would be saved in the company’s record. Hence, the organization knew the birthday of every member.

Think for a while, what the emotional situation would it be; when a restaurant manager announces a surprise birthday of an employee, who is serving clients on the floor, in front of all the customers?

9. Long Service Benefit

There are several workers in every company who are working for a long time. They have understood the work and the management very well. Indeed, after the long service duration, they expect an unusual and extra advantage from the organization.

The additional benefit will be an excellent example, like a five-carat gold coin for completing 5 years and a ten-carat coin on successful 10 years of services. You have to analyze what will be the best award for long service. It may be something they are considering for their new babies. Such reward raises the value and respect of the firm in the view of employee results in boosting the motivation.

10. Support In Customer Dealing

Motivation is also increased when a member knows that their team leader supports the juniors when they have not made any mistake.

In numerous situations, customers get angry at the representative due to the fault of another person.

In such a worse scenario, a good leader is the one who steps forward and defends the employee just like getting the praise upon target achievement, however the hard work done by the sub-ordinates.

In this way, the motivation remains alive in the heart of the worker, and they feel secure and confident.


Keep in mind that a bad day of an employee caused him to work in a depressed mood.

The result will be severe, i.e., preparing the tasteless food, not ensuring the hygiene, fighting with customers, didn’t care for presentation, etc. Actually, such a non-serious attitude affects the image of your restaurant.

Therefore, take care of your employees because you have given your clients in their hands. Now, they have the authority to honor your place or hurt your reputation.

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