EDC Knife

Some needs and emergencies may arise at any time. You never know what may happen while in the field, at work, or in the road.

Most people store emergency tools at home, but tragedy can occur when you are far away, or in the field, the least you expect is when it actually happens.

What does EDC stand for?

It is an acronym for Everyday Carry. In knives context, it stands for a knife you can carry every day: typically multi-factional and compacted, designed as lightweight yet strong, and allows you to take with whenever you go.

Additionally, you can use it at home or work to open cardboards, letters, cut your seatbelt in case your car catches fire on your way to and fro the workplace, striking animals in the field or delivering yourself from danger.

What is EDC survival?

Refers to essential items you need to carry every day whenever you go to carry on in case of an emergency occurrence. For instance, if you are asthmatic, an inhaler is an ECD survival.

What is the point of EDC?

It is a preparedness measure to help you prevail over each day’s challenges or unpredictable happenings, which may be life-threatening.      

What is the best work knife, which one is the best to carry?

One that you can carry every day has it; right for work as well as for taking with. It is suitable for both activities at work and for movement.

Where and when can I carry my EDC knife?

Unlike in the past, currently, almost everyone associates knife carry with criminal acts.

This is the reason why they are now designed for taking in the pocket with intentions like opening boxes, making cuttings, or as preparedness in times of emergencies like accidents.

However, if your country prohibits a concealed carry, you can opt for other alternatives like going for a pocket clip or a belt pouch.

Are the EDC knives legal?

 In some regions, they are, while in the other areas, they are prohibited. Most countries contain specific rules.

There are places where you are not allowed to own one with the reason that they are regarded as unsafe, especially in the hands of lawbreakers.

In other areas, ownership is permitted, but moving with them is prohibited. Other regions allow carrying under the condition that you do not hide them.

However, you can always use wisdom here. This tool contains different sizes ranging from small to long.

If your region prohibits carrying it in public, you can purchase either a long or a small one. However, if it allows taking with but bans a concealed one, buy one that can be visible in your pocket.

 Never carry if you are among the prohibited individuals until you seek a license or permission to avoid trouble. Always ensure you converse with your region’s rules. Life in jail is no good, so as giving out penalties due to breaking simple rules.

What makes a good EDC knife?

Below are the features that make the best:

  • The size: A good one is one that fits well in your pocket without making you uncomfortable due to heaviness. Therefore, consider a lightweight one for comfort and which you can withstand the whole day.
  • The blade: It can either be folding or a fixed one. A folding one will make it easier to carry since it can fit in your pocket very well. A fixed one will require a sheath for personal safety.

If you live in a town or urban setting, a folding one is not bad; if you are in the countryside, a fixed one is preferable because you may also come across a deer after longing to eat it for a while.

  • The grip: Just as with the blade, this tool also comes with unique grips. It should fit well in your hands and should never slip off as this can cause you cuts. Therefore, the size and material are vital here.
  • The edge: This tool contains diversified edgings; you may actually go for purchase only to be confused about which to take because each of them provides unique features. Some are straight, while others contain a curvature. Choose one whose elements will fit your needs.
  • The opening means: It should open first and not begin to stress you up in emergency situations. You must have come across a saying in your childhood that stated, ‘one minute can save a man.’ Imagine walking one day, then you just happen to witness an accident happen, and you are the only savior.

 Luckily you remember you have a knife, so you rush to vacate the victims before the worst like an explosion happens, so you hasten.

On reaching the place, you pull out the knife to cut the safety belts to evacuate the involved from danger, but your knife cannot open.

 A delay may pose you at threat since an explosion may happen in the process. Therefore you just decide to run after which fire breaks out, what a sad experience!

You may never forgive yourself when you remember you had a chance and a tool to save the lives.

The worst can even be revealed to you that there was a friend or a relative among the victims: You never know. Consequently, the knife should open instantly, with even one hand; may it be either the left or the right.

What is the best EDC knife?

From customer feedback, the best types include:

  • Benchmade: Usually light in weight. Its handle is lengthy to fit well in your hands with a short but wide blade. Its tip is pointed, and you can use at home or carry outside
  • Spyderco: They are usually lightweight with long handles alongside small slanting cutting edges.
  • Zero Tolerance: Its handle is made out of carbon fiber, and it is longer than the blade, whose edge is slanting with a sharp tip.
  • CPKT Pilar: It is small but broad with a wide slanting tip. Its handle is made with stainless steel, unique and designed for a comfortable hold.
  • Kershaw: Contains a long handle that has a small pointed tip. It broadens as you approach the blade.
  • Boker Kompact: It contains an ergonomic handle that is longer than the cutting edge, which provides a sharp slanting point. Its handle is almost equal in width with the blade.


To conclude, the right tool takes care of you, and it does not give you problems with maintenance.

Along with the features, always be sure to purchase one that you cannot only afford but also safe to use and saves you additional maintenance fee while at the same time serving you longer.

To be on the right track, take your time to read some of the customer feedback.

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