clean a carpet without a machine

Do you know which is the most suffering element at your home? Well, the answer is – the carpets. 

You cannot ensure that you always would be able to save your carpets from littering, dust, stains, and other issues. We have to step on the carpets with shoes, consume foods and beverages, children play on them, your pets are always on the carpet, and more. 

Hence, the carpets need frequent cleansing, according to most of the carpet cleaner reviews

There are several ways to clean a carpet. Either you can use a machine, or you can do it without machines. 


Well, let me explain the facts in detail. 

The use of machines like a vacuum cleaner is common everywhere to clean a carpet. They remove the dust and other particles instantly. You can also perform a deep cleaning as well. 

However, you can alter the scenario using some traditional modes of carpet cleaning. In this post, you will get some comprehensive ideas about the second process of cleaning – without machines. 



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Let’s move for details. 

Use a broom  

Gone are the days when people used to broom their carpets. In fact, a couple of decades ago, there were no vacuum cleaners. So, people had to rely on brooms. They are efficient in removing all the unwanted particles, clouds of dust, soil, and other elements that made the carpet look dirty. 

If you can use the broom perfectly, the carpet will be clean in a short time. But you have to opt for the right types of brooms. Usually, the natural brooms from real broomcorn can do it effectively than their counterparts of synthetic materials. 

And this is an economical solution too. 


Simple cleaning 

Moreover, you can clean your carpet following a simple way. If the mark or stain is not so deep, you can use a shaving cream or foam for this purpose. You will need the following items.

– Shaving foam/ cream 

– Old brush 

– Damp cloth



In the first step, apply the shaving foam or cream on the stain of your carpet. Wait for a few moments. Let the carpet get wet with the shaving foam. 

Now, use the brush to rub the surface with stain. The rubbing will remove the stains and other light marks from your carpet. 

Use the damp cloth to wipe the carpet. Finally, you will experience that the carpet has almost no marks on it!  


You can try flour 

On the other part, you can use some of your kitchen ingredients for this purpose. Sifter flour is always available and can remove the stains from the carpet surface. You have to follow the steps below. 

– Sprinkle the flour on the stain. Make sure you cover all the marked areas of your carpet. 

– Cover the place with a paper (brown paper is preferable)

– Place some books or other types of heavyweight, wait for half an hour, and then remove the weights. 

– Sweep the floor with a broom. Check the marks. 

– Repeat the process unless the marks vanish. 


Deep cleaning 

Scrubbing is the other most impressive and effective way to clean a carpet deeply without a machine. You need no modern vacuum cleaner for this purpose. Rather, you can follow certain steps to make the carpet shine. 

You also will need some other ingredients for this process. Here is a simple brief about the entire cleaning process. 


  • Cleaning detergent 
  • A scrub
  • Water 
  • Clean towel/ piece of a cloth 

Step 1 

Get some cleaning detergent and spread or pour it on the surface of the carpet. Make sure you cover the stains and other dirty places. Apply the cleaning detergent as much as it needs. 

Step 2

Now, use the scrubber. Apply it on the dirty surface. Rub properly. Check if the stains or dirt are cleared. You need some manual force to remove the stains and colors from the surface. 

Step 3 

This is the last phase. You will see that there is no mark on the carpet. Now, wipe the surface with the clean cloth. Let the carpet dry under the sun. When the carpet dries, place it again on the floor. 

Many of the carpet cleaner reviews recommend this process.      


Baking soda process 

Interestingly, you can also apply baking soda on your carpet to remove the stains, litter marks, or other spots. For this cleaning, you will need 

  • Broom 
  • Baking soda
  • Old toothbrush/ brush
  • Rags 
  • Bucket
  • Clean and warm water 


First of all, you have to sweep the area beforehand you start to apply the baking soda. Once the sweeping is complete, sprinkle the baking soda on the spots. Cover the stains perfectly with the baking soda. Wait for a few minutes. 

In the second step, you have to use the old toothbrush or the brush. Rub the spot gently with the brush so that the stains get removed. Rub until you see the stains vanishes. 

Immerse the rag on the warm water. Clean the surface gently. And you will see there are no marks on the carpet. 

Dry the carpet. The best idea is to dry it under the sun. Alternatively, you can also use your ceiling fan for this purpose.   

Furniture Rearrangement 

Besides, you can follow some other measures too. Rearranging the furniture is the other mode that brings a positive outcome. 

Some of the stains and marks are permanent. You cannot even remove them through deep cleaning. In that case, you can rearrange your furniture that will cover the marks. This is a tricky way to hide your carpet marks. 


Last words 

Professional carpet cleaner reviews always recommend following the methods to clean up the carpet. But you can also get some professional help if you lack the time or unwilling to follow the steps. 

Remember, carpet is one of the essential elements of a home that raises the beauty. If the carpets are dirty, it appears that the house looks grimy. In fact, carpets help to bring a nice impression. 

So, instead of hiring or buying carpet cleaning machines, you can follow the instruction above. 

Happy carpet cleaning! 

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