MOSSY OAK 2-piece Bowie Knife, Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Leather Handle, Sheath Included

Today, you must have realized that tools exist in different designs, each suited according to its purpose.

For a bowie knife, it is usually a heavy blade fixed knife in which you will realize that despite it being a knife on its own, many knives fall under it, and just like any other knife, and some of its sizes are small with others significant.

You will find some with clipped blades and others with straight ones, which in each case range from at least 8 to 12 inches lengthwise.


The history of a bowie knife

The source of this tool contains controversies. However, it is associated with James Bowie (hence its title), who was a knife fighter from America.

The famous Sandbar war in 1827 left James Bowie with serious injuries, which almost claimed his life: This prompted his brother (Rezin P Bowie) to gift him his bowie knife after recovery, which he had designed for hunting so that his brother could protect himself in the future.


Big foot Bowing Knife


Since then, James Bowie is famous for the title ‘knife-fighting master.’

It is from him that people came to the knowledge of this fighting tool.

However, people are controversial on the person who made the first bowie knife in which people designed their looks into diversified handle styles, shapes, and sizes and used them to kill their enemies.

From that time, their demand increased, which prompted many industries in America and other regions to manufacture them in different sizes and qualities.


What are the uses of a Bowie Knife?

You will hear most people say that a bowie knife is a right self-defense tool, even James Bowie used it for his self-defense; however; it is also necessary equipment for:

  • Hunting because their cutting parts can cut with neither lumps nor difficulties alongside their comfortable handles. From its history, it was made to catch prey.
  • Survival purposes of keeping you safe while outside your homestead, for camping, it never disappoints, and this is the reason for its full tang
  • You can use it for cuttings and creating measurement systems
  • Also today, you will find butchers using it because of their bulk weight to cut through meat without difficulties


Are bowie knives legal or illegal? What is their legality state in the UK?

Their legality depends on the state because of their ability to injure and kill someone.

For instance, in some countries, it is legal to possess but illegal to carry.

In other regions, you can take yourself with it so long as you don’t hide or conceal, while in others, taking them to public places is totally prohibited.

In the UK, it is legal to purchase and sell these knives; however, having them in public is illegal.


What are the best bowie knives?

Currently, you will find diversified types in the market. The best one is that which contains these characteristics:

  • The right handle: Selecting the proper hold is essential for your grip and attractive for your eyes.

You can consider choosing a wooden one and guess what? You can actually shape your wood into the style you want, while a metal one will not wear out quickly. It all depends on your personal preferences.


  • It contains a covering that fits well into the blade (known as a sheath) with an attractive design.


  • Of the correct heaviness that won’t give you a headache in use. You would not go for a lightweight one and expect it to smoothly cut your fibrous material like wood.


  • Appropriate cutting part, one that is not dull. For this type, it is recommendable to choose a stainless or carbon steel which can keep it sharp for long, and at the same easy sharpen, you would not wish to buy a knife then spend again to pay for its sharpening yet you can perform this.


  • The distance from the tip to the handle end should not be less than eight inches for this tool for the purpose of self-defense alongside a comfortable handle.


  • Its blade should have a good surface that connects the edge to the handle (known as a tang) because it is a massive tool; therefore, without this feature, it can give you a hard time in its utilization or break in intensive tasks.


The maintenance of a bowie knife

Provide the proper upkeep so that it can serve you for long through:

  • Regularly honing: a dull cutting edge can injure you, and also honing will prevent rusting and help you effectively.

Most people tend to think because it is made out of stainless steel; it cannot rust, which is wrong because this material only resists rust; thus, if you subject it to unsatisfactory conditions, it is bound to rust; the right care will prevent this.


  • Sharpening it to retain the right edge.

If you are not confident of sharpening for yourself, consult an affordable professional sharpener to avoid causing damage to your blade or take advantage of the internet and get to learn the techniques through the YouTube or Google. You should keep this tool sharp always.


  • Storing it in a safe place. This is the reason you should buy one with a sheath because, despite these tools’ heaviness, you must leave them safely in a cool, dry place away from moisture after use, failure to which they will get damaged, dull fast, corrode or rust.


  • Correct utilization: Right from the purchase, make the right use of your knife.

Do not try to use it for purposes that are not meant. This will maintain its natural state and retain its effectiveness.


To conclude, do not be lazy to clean after use because this is a challenge people make knives to pass through, they use only to dump them into the sink and then when the performance is compromised (when left dirty pollutants develop) they start to blame the sellers.

Don’t be like them instead clean yours with some warm water and soft detergent after use, dry it and store appropriately then you will enjoy a prolonged effective utilization.

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