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Pocket knives are designed for carrying in your pocket. However, you may be among the individuals who dislike outfits with pockets, or who hate the feeling of something inside their pockets.

Furthermore, sometimes when an enemy spots you with a weapon, he may use other tactics and end up harming you. A concealable knife is vital for your protection.

What is a boot knife used for?

It is usable during emergencies or in danger. With it, you can save other people along with yourself from criminals as well as dangerous animals and occurrences. It is usually designed for carrying on your boots.

Is it legal to carry a boot knife? What is its legality state in California?

Laws concerning knives and weapons vary from one region to another. Some rules allow carrying it while others disallow this.

Other countries allow carrying without hiding, while others prohibit carrying openly in public. It all depends on where you live. In California, you can take along, but when not hidden.

What is the best boot knife?

From research, the best ones include:

1.  SOG Instinct: Typically small-sized- knife whose blade contains a pointed end. It has a nylon casing with a chain and a clip for security.

2. Schrade Needle: It is designed as long and thin, made of stainless steel. It contains a double edging, which is half serrated as well as straight towards the tip.

In case you do not like its thinness, you can check for the Schrade small type; it is shorter, and it is neither thin nor wide, with a sharp end which protrudes from a straight blade.

3.  CPKT Shrill: It gets thinner towards the tip, which is pointed like a spear. Its handle is firm.

4.  SOG Snarl: A sturdy, uniquely designed small and thick knife made out of stainless steel. Its sheep foot blade is suitable for stabbing and giving you substantial cuts, which tells that you can use it for hunting.

The grip contains a round space where you can put your fingers in without slipping off.

Is a boot knife a dagger?

A dagger is a  knife with two cutting sides and a sharp end for thrusting or stabbing. The presence of this characteristic in the boot knife makes it one.

Where do you put a boot knife? How does it work?

This tool works just like any other survival knife, it is not as complicated as you may think.

As its name suggests, you simply hide it in your boot after putting it in a sheath, followed by carefully pushing it down into your fixed boot.

Gerber Ghoststrike Fixed Blade

Besides, you can attach its sheath on your boot or add a pocket inside. If you are a left-hander, ensure that you wear your boot on the side of your left leg.

Hibben boot knife

It is made out of a metal that is resistant to rust stain along with corrosion to serve you without damages, which may be irreversible, rendering it useless in emergencies even after spending your money on it. It guarantees maximum user reliability.

Even with a leather sheath, the hilt is made with an engineered wood that is sturdy to use in extreme temperatures with no breakage.

Additionally, it is waterproof to give you the same appearance and feel even when you accidentally subject it to wet and adverse environments.

The blade contains two sharp cutting edges that are fixed in place. It cannot be folded, and this makes it stable alongside straight in such a way it cannot break since it does not have moving parts, hence a super tactical and survival knife.

Military boot knife

It contains a leather cover, which includes a clip so that you can place your knife without worrying or undergoing harm in your legs. Its holding part is molded with a durable elastic material that is not affected by water.

Its cutting part is lined with small-like teeth at the top to facilitate ease cuts in harsh surfaces or components.

Consequently, you can utilize it to pursue along with killing an animal for food, camp, hike, adventure, cut materials, and at home and protect yourself and loved ones against attacks.

This tool is lightweight to avoid being bothersome in your boots. Also, it is sharp and able to withstand pressure, wear, or damage towards lasting for long, even with frequent exploitation.

Cowboy boot knife

It contains a flat cutting edge that runs through the holding part without springs. This tool is essential and exciting.

However, it can be dangerous if you deal with it wrongly and carelessly. You may become its enemy when it cuts your leg since cutting is its primary function.

Since it is for use outside, recklessness is threatening because it is not a toy, hence it may harm you in a time you need it most with no one around to save you or with zero energy to run.

As a result, for your safety, it comes with a sheath to keep it enclosed when not in use.

Boot knife dagger

Compared to a gun, a knife may be a weak defensive weapon. However, if double-edged, it can be useful like any other weapon because you can cut either way.

Moreover, if one side becomes blunt, you have a plan B, which is utilizing the other sharp hand.

This tool consists of two razor-sharp cutting sides with a pointed tip. During its purchase, you are provided with a sheath to protect your leg from injuries or accidental slips since you will walk with it on your boots.

These elements make it an excellent tool that you can use to penetrate into the attacker at a close range and deliver yourself as well as your loved ones.

Kershaw boot knife                                     

It is concealable, made out of stainless steel with a high carbon to maintain its strength even after frequent use. It contains a black coat to prevent corrosion and mitigate the reflection of light.

Its blade is a fixed type. Its grip includes a rubber layer to provide comfort during use and to avoid slipping off, which may cause you cuts.

It has a lanyard hole for easy carry and holding. Although it is light in weight, this does not compromise its usability in performing heavy duties, individual protection, hunting, or fishing. Its razor-sharp edge will give you precise cuts.


Western boot knife

It contains a narrow part that you place your hand on for a grip. The cutting edge includes a full tang, and it is made with steel that has more than 0.3% carbon, which makes it rigid for use even in harsh substances.

Additionally, the blade is of significant size and can produce a sudden, piercing according to the force you apply.

You need to be cautious during its utilization to avoid being injured by the edge, always make use of the sheath every time you carry it. Also, this tool is made with a slightly dark polished hardwood.

Final thoughts:

Never go shopping for equipment without analyzing the purpose: Unless you are after seeking ways to spend your excess money.

If you want this tool for self-defense reason, yet you are not confident about fighting, get a large one that the enemy can flee after he sees it. If you go far places, get a small one you cannot tire moving with.

If you want this tool for any use, purchase a medium-sized. It can be useful in the kitchen to peel your fruits as well as out for self-defense and other needs.

Always ensure you can quickly get your knife out. Ensure it is correctly attached to your boots to avoid losing it or irritating your legs. Never leave the sheath out as this can injure your legs.

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