Using Natural Baby Products

Bringing a child into your family is one of life’s greatest blessings. Even though we, parents, tend to neglect our own health and well-being at times, we only want the best of the best for our little bubs. After all, our children are the centre of our universe, and no expense is too great for their safety, health, and long-term well-being.

Needless to say, artificial, chemical-filled baby products have no place in a modern, thriving household – not only for the health of your little munchkin, but also for the future of the environment. Thankfully, we now have access to a wide array of natural and organic products that can help give your baby the best possible care.

So, let’s take a look at why using natural products is so important for your child and their future.

Avoid harmful ingredients

It should come as no surprise that many skincare and nutrition companies use unsafe artificial ingredients and chemicals in their baby products. The problem is that this information wasn’t always public knowledge – with the Johnson&Johnson lawsuit several years ago bringing these issues to the attention of the public and opening the eyes of millions of families around the world about the harmful products they were using.

This means that you should only use natural skincare and bathing products for your babies that don’t contain parabens, petrochemicals, perfume, dimethicone, or phthalates. Be sure to read the label carefully in order to make sure none of these chemicals make it onto your baby’s sensitive skin.

Benefits of natural baby food

Nutrition is vital for the healthy growth and development of your little munchkin. Jam-packed with healthy nutrients to support cognitive and physical growth in those crucial months after coming to this world, natural baby food made out of raw ingredients will be the foundation of your baby’s health.

These foods should be free of any harmful preservatives (keep in mind that not all preservatives are bad) and sweeteners, and instead, boast a wide array of healthy ingredients such as vegetable and fruit blends.



If it’s possible to choose organic, all the better for your little bundle of joy. Natural and organically grown ingredients such as fruits and veggies are even richer in taste than their conventionally-grown counterparts.

As an example, organic fruits and veggies have been shown to contain 20 to 40 percent more antioxidants such as carotenoids. Their nutritional content is what gives them that better taste, so it’s no wonder you little one will enjoy the natural options so much more.

Avoid sensitivity issues

Touching a baby’s skin for the first time truly is a unique, oftentimes bewildering experience. How come that something can be so smooth, gentle, and fragile?

A baby’s skin might be inherently soft, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not easily irritated – quite the contrary. You should use natural moisturizers to keep your baby’s skin silky-smooth at all times, but you should also avoid irritations caused by clothing and linens.

For your baby’s clothes, and most importantly, sheets and linens in the crib, you want to use only breathable, natural products such as the Bubba Blue range that uses bamboo viscose, absorbent materials, and breathable fibres your baby will love. You can safely bundle up you little bub without fear of skin irritations or that their “business” will get onto the mattress.

Help in the preservation of the environment

Environmentalism is a hot topic nowadays, as climate change is reaching its zenith and the preservation of the environment is slowly becoming a distant dream.

As a mindful 21st–century parent, your mission should be to educate your child on the importance of environmentalism, and also to use eco-friendly products in your household. Unlike their artificial counterparts, natural baby products have a lower impact on the environment.

Toxin-free skincare products

In addition to baby-perfect linens and babywear, the range of skincare products you choose can also be to blame for irritations. Modern-day products often contain too many chemicals and toxins so that they last longer and have a more alluring fragrance.

Instead, natural skincare products for babies that are based on skin-friendly ingredients straight from Mother Nature are a better choice to prevent irritation and toxic build-up.

Just like those lotions for us, grownups, baby products often come with mineral oil, talc, artificial fragrances, and parabens – all of which can be harmful for your baby’s sensitive skin. Take a closer look at the ingredients list, and opt for more natural, simpler goodies that are entirely baby-safe.

Avoid endocrine disruptors

Healthy endocrine system development is essential for the proper development of your child in every possible way. By producing hormones such as testosterone and oestrogen, the endocrine system regulates metabolism, physical growth and mental development, sexual function, sleep, tissue function, and much more.

Synthetic baby products can contain endocrine disruptors that inhibit proper endocrine system functions and can lead to the development of numerous health conditions and lifelong illnesses. Children are particularly vulnerable to the industrial chemicals found in synthetic products, so be sure to avoid them at all costs.

Eliminate GMO from your life

It’s not just pesticides and other artificial chemicals that are lurking in the food isle and the skincare items – there’s also GMO to consider. The jury is still out when it comes to how harmful or not genetically-modified products can be, but if you can avoid them in your baby food, all the better for your bub.

This is especially important for little ones who have various sensitivities, as you might find it easier to keep them under control when you use natural ingredients only.

GMO and Natural

However, keep in mind that currently, almost 90% of available food that is conventionally grown has been genetically-modified, making it close to impossible to stick to a 100% GMO-free diet. Still, you can do your homework, stay informed, and do your best to opt for natural and organic as much as possible.


As a mindful parent who wants only the best for their baby, you cannot afford to risk your child’s health by purchasing unsafe products from dubious brands. Instead, you want to find and use only those products that contain natural ingredients that will help safeguard the health and long-term well-being of your little bub.

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